SY24 Frequently Asked Information

  • Bak’s Website- School and District information will be located at this site. It is imperative that students and parents check this site on a weekly basis to ensure they are up-to-date with events, activities, and requirements -

    Breakfast and Lunch – Go to

    1. Breakfast and lunch is free for all students. To put money on your child’s account to purchase a la carte items, go to Cash is not accepted.
    2. Information regarding Application for Free and reduced Lunch – To complete the application, go to the School District website, click Department School Food Service, & click on the application link.

    Car Riders Drop-off & Pick Up (morning and Afternoon)
    Parents/Cars must enter the pickup/drop off loop at the North Shore Drive Entrance and Exit out the Main Entrance.

    Curtain Calls – Bak’s before and after school programs

    1. A program for students is available before and after school hours. Bak’s morning care program begins on Thursday, August 10, 2023 at 7:00 am. The After-School Program (PM) begins on Monday, August 21, 2023. The After-School Program is Monday through Thursday only. You must be pre-registered to attend either or both programs.
    2. For more information, specific times and fees can be found on Bak’s public SchoolMessenger page under the “School Info” tab at
    3. Please direct any questions to Shakendra Moorer at
    4. Registration and other information will be available at the New Student Orientation.

    Dress Code - While creativity and self-expression are encouraged, a certain degree of decorum is expected to be maintained. For more information look at Bak’s public website under the “School Info” tab - SY24 Dress Code.

    First Day of School is Thursday, August 10, 2023.

    1. Make sure your child knows how she/he is getting home each day (must know address & phone #).
    2. Bring lunch or get lunch at school, a backpack, pencil and paper only.
    3. No textbooks or summer assignments should be brought on the first day of school.
    4. Each student will be given a planner and FIRST DAY folder. Make sure to ask your child to see this folder.
    5. Review all contents and Ensure that you/student signs and student returns the following two documents:
      1. Parent/Student Acknowledgments of Student Rules and Regulations of Operations (yellow paper)
      2. New and Returning Student Registration form

    Hours (School begins at 8:20 am and all students are released by 3:30 pm)

    1. Students may not arrive at Bak MSOA earlier than 8:00 am. (Unless enrolled in Morning Care).
    2. Students should be in their classrooms when the tardy bell rings at 8:20 am.
    3. Dismissal of Tri-Rail students is at 3:10 pm; car riders/walkers is at 3:15 pm.
    4. Bus riders are dismissed as their bus arrives.

    Medication Policy and Procedures

    As mandated by the State, District, and Health Department, when a student is on the campus of any school in Palm Beach County, the student may not carry on their person or take ANY prescription or over-the-counter medication. Exceptions may apply for items like inhalers or EpiPens – after the proper procedures have been
    followed. All Palm Beach County Schools are designated “Drug Free Zones”. The school nurse or designated school personnel may not administer any prescription or over-the-counter medication, unless certain procedures are followed. Please contact the School Nurse at 561-882-3883 for specific details (after August 4th). For more information go to the Bak website under Students & Parents.

    Schedules - Distributed on the 1st day of school. Bak uses a block schedule of alternating Odd/Even Days. On the first day of school students report to their Zero Hour (see below for explanation), then follow their Odd Day schedule. A schedule change will only be made in the case of a scheduling error or inappropriate academic placement as determined by administration. Please do not contact the school about any possible schedule changes until your child attends the class. Many courses have names that do not match the course.

    Student Information System (SIS) - SIS access is vital to get grades, state-wide test history, and other essential information. If you have not already registered for a Parent SIS account, please do so (an email will be sent to new parents with the information. If you have already set up an account and forgot your PIN, please contact

    Student IDs - New Student ID badges and lanyards will be issued to all students free of charge. Students are required to wear their ID badge/lanyard while on campus, school sponsored activities and transportation. Students will be provided two student IDs and a lanyard (one in August and one in September). If lost or damaged, students can purchase replacement IDs. for 5.00 dollars. Tri-Rail riders will get an additional Tri-Rail badge that must also be worn. Extra Bak Students ID’s will be available for ($5 each) on SchoolCashOnline after August 5th.

    Summer Assignments - All students are required to complete summer assignments (Bak website)

    • Please do NOT bring summer assignments to school on the first day. Teachers will instruct students as to when to bring in summer assignments.

    Supply Lists - Students will be provided supply lists by each of their teachers during the first week of school.

    Transportation Services (find out your bus or Tri-Rail assignment - see below for details)
    Transportation Call Center (561) 357-1110

    1. Please do not contact Bak MSOA about Transportation - we do not have any control over or know any additional information that is not on the Transportation website.
    2. After July 25th - Be sure to “Register Your Ride” for School Transportation through your child’s portal or call 561-357-1110 if your child is a new student and is not registered in SIS. See link below.
    3. Transportation decides if your child is eligible for a bus and/or Tri-Rail.
    4. Transportation assignments are based on your home address. If your home address is not correct, contact our data processor, with the information and two proofs of address.
    5. On August 4th & 9th, go back to the “Register Your Ride” page to see your assigned AM/PM bus route information (route number, stop location, and time) or Tri-Rail assignment. If you have any concerns at that time please contact the transportation (not the school). Routes will be adjusted on a daily basis.
    6. Tri-Rail information can be found at (Northbound P608/Southbound P633). Check in August when tri-Rail returns to their regular schedule.
    7. Bak MSOA does not have any additional information regarding transportation nor does the school control bus routes, bus stops, bus times, Tri-Rail times, or assignments. Please refer to the websites and phone number above.

    Zero Hour Class Students will report to their “Zero Hour” class when the bell rings at 8:10 am. This information will be distributed at orientation and be available on the Bak website under Students and Parents. The room is assigned by your child’s last name and grade level. Make sure your child knows the name of his/her teacher
    and room number. The “Zero Hour” class is where students will receive their schedules, planner, and First Day Folders.