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    Strong Minds Technical Assistance:
    Sandra Tucker

    Strong Minds Navigator:
    561-374-7521 or 561-374-7532

    Strong Minds Network – Children’s Services Council

    Strong Minds Network 
    Early Childhood Technical Assistance Program

    The School District of Palm Beach County manages the County's Strong Minds Technical Assistance Program, a component of Services Council’s Quality Child Care Network. The mission of the Strong Minds network is to use research and data to increase the quality of early care and education through integrated supports and resources for private child care centers and public school classroom practitioners and .

    The Technical Assistance Specialists (TAS) are experienced, highly-trained teachers certified in early childhood education. These TA Specialists provide training and on-site technical assistance to help improve program quality to increase good child outcomes. The services are based on nationally accepted best practices in early education, and on-site assistance is based on an assessment of current practices and goals set jointly by the participants and TA Specialists.

    The TA Specialists have specialized training and experience in the following areas: infant and toddler caregiving; developmentally appropriate practice; children with special needs; accreditation; curriculum; behavior management; Teachstone CLASS Assessment tools, and Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment.