Accelerated Mathematics Plan (AMP)

  • The Accelerated Math Plan, or AMP, provides a pathway for students to maximize their potential and support their continued growth in mathematics and science. Students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in mathematics are provided with a fast track to math success. In AMP, students can work on their skill level rather than their grade level and are provided instruction that is personalized to meet their needs. In Accelerated Mathematics Grade 3 (AMP3), the instruction includes all of the third-grade Florida Mathematics Standards and half of fourth-grade Florida Mathematics Standards. Accelerated Mathematics Grade 4 (AMP4) includes the other half of the fourth-grade Florida Mathematics Standards and all of the Florida Mathematics Standards for fifth-grade. Students who are successful in Accelerated Mathematics Grade 4 (AMP4) will then be offered Accelerated Mathematics Grade 6 (AMP5) during their fifth-grade year.


    For a full breakdown of standards by course, visit the Breakdown of Standards page.