Band Fees

  • Why? While Fundraising is important & necessary, it’s simply not enough.
    Fair Share is a vital part of our Band Program in order to make it the Most Amazing Band Program in the Area!

    How Much? What Does this Pay For?

    Marching Band: $880 (siblings $780)
    5 Months of Concentrated Quality Musical Instruction
    Show: Custom written Drill and Music specifically for our band and Show specific props.
    Instruction: 5 additional instructors for color guard, winds, horns, drum line and pit who work with our students as a group as well as individually – Private Tutoring for your student!

    Competitions & States: Our band competes in 2 local competitions and at the State level (location TBD). This fee covers entry fees and transportation of our students and their equipment. For States, the hotel costs are also covered for 2 nights.
    Other: Show shirt, uniform shirt, props, uniform maintenance, color guard equipment and uniforms, and band camp costs

    Concert/Symphonic Bands: $250 (no charge if student is also in Marching Band)
    New music, instrument repairs, concert assessment fees and travel, Solo & Ensemble assessment and accompanist fees, guest conductors and clinicians

    Jazz Band: $290 ($190 if student participates in another Band)
    New music, instrument maintenance, guest conductors and clinicians, Solo and Ensemble assessment and accompanist fees, Lakeside Jazz Festival entry fee and transportation costs

    Percussion Class: $250 ($150 if student participates in another Band)
    Percussion equipment and maintenance, outside percussion instructor thru-out the school year, Solo and Ensemble assessment & accompanist fees, guest conductors and clinicians

    All Programs
    Concert expenses, band banquet, student awards, middle school recruiting events, leadership retreat, general operating expenses (ex: insurance, bookkeeping, website)

    The band family, friends, and memories that will last you a lifetime.