Checklists by Year

  • Important Tips:

    • Use the Boca High Academic Organizer to keep track of classes taken/need to take, grades, awards, certifications, accolades, community service, clubs, sports, work, etc.
      • Seniors can use this to help them fill out their Common App, Coalition App, SSAR, SPARK, Scholarships, and to keep track of the colleges they're applying to.
    • Join your Google Classroom and check it weekly for updates.
    • Connect with Ms. Garofalo for essays
    • Check your school email daily. If you cannot check it daily, please check it weekly.
    • Do not send emails from your school email to outside of Palm Beach County Schools... you will not receive a reply as they will bounce.
      • Seniors, do not use your school email when applying for college (use your personal email, and check it daily).
      • Review your social media "image." Remember, colleges may look at your social media when considering you for their college.
    • Need community service?  Check the Community Service board by Student Services for new opportunities.
    • Need to talk about life, relationships, testing strategies, etc?  Make sure to reach out to your Boca High Counselor to find out more information.


  • 9th Grade

  • 10th Grade

  • 11th Grade

  • 12th Grade