College Essay

  • Admissions officers look for students whose essays reveal their character and perspective through their real experiences, not contrived situations. Admissions officers say most essays they read are safe, generic and do nothing to make them remember or want to advocate for the students who wrote them.

    You will more than likely have to submit an essay with your college application. Both the Common Application and Coalition Application require an essay. There may also be one or more supplemental essays individual colleges may request with the application.  

    Each year the Common and Coalition App releases the prompts well in advance for students to prepare their essays. 

    Essays may be required as you apply for scholarships.  

    Essay Assistance

    • Ms. Garofalo has created four videos on How to Create an Effective College Essay.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    • Need essay help?
      • Make sure to make an appointment with Ms. Garofalo for help and to review your essay.
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      • There are other essay assistance resources out there, but most come at a cost. There are some local companies and online companies who provide this service.

The Writing Process: Step By Step

  • Step 1: Who Are You?

  • Step 2: How Do You Begin To Decide To Tell Who You Are?

  • Step 3: First Draft

  • Step 4: Review Your Draft

  • Step 5: Sample Essays

  • Step 6: Write Again

  • Step 7: Final Checkpoints