• The UCF Self Provided Academic Record for Knights (SPARK) form is designed for First Time in College applicants to enter their high school level coursework for the admission application review process. This form is required only for applicants currently enrolled in a high school within the United States or U.S. Territory (including Puerto Rico).

    The SPARK is used in lieu of sending a transcript. 

    The form will be available to you after the college has received your application via the Common App.  It can be found in your Knight's Portal under "Application Checklist" and will have a hyperlink to the form.

    The completed SPARK Form will be used to review your competitiveness and eligibility for admission. It will be used in lieu of an official high school transcript. Upon enrollment, your SPARK Form will be authenticated using a final official transcript from high school (and college if applicable). If your final official high school transcript does not match your SPARK Form submissions, your offer of admission may be rescinded, or your term of admission changed.

    Applying to UF, FSU, FGCU, FL POLY, or UNF?  These universities require the SSAR.

    Have you been using the Boca High Academic Organizer to keep track of your classes, grades, awards, certifications, accolades, community service, clubs, sports, work, etc?  If so, you will have all of the information you need to complete your SPARK Form in one place.

    Help Completing the SPARK Form

    Make sure to refer to the SPARK Form Instructions in another tab while completing the form.

    Academic History in SIS to Complete SPARK


    • Log onto your student portal and SIS
    • Click on Grades (parents, click on your child, then "grades."
    • Check "show all years (and show all schools for high school courses taken in middle school)
    • "Update"

    Note:  Make sure to update your SPARK after midterm grades have been issued.


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