Recommendation Letters

  • Quick Tips

    Tip #1:

    Do I need letters of recommendation? Many colleges and scholarship organizations require Teacher and Counselor Recommendation Letters, but some don't. Before making requests, check the requirements on each of your college admission and/or scholarship websites.

    Showing demonstrated interest in your safety schools is just as important as it is for your target and reach schools. 

    Tip #2: Share your completed Boca High Academic Organizer with the teacher you are requesting a letter from.

    Tip #3: Make sure you request your letter of recommendation at least one month before you need it.

    Types of Letters of Recommendation

    • Teacher: The purpose of a college admissions resume is to demonstrate to the college that the applicant is capable of academic success by providing an overview of the student's academic and job-related history.
    • Counselor: It may be required as a part of the student's overall college admissions application.
      It may be required when applying for scholarships.
    • Other: Unlike a job-seeking resume, a college admissions resume should focus on academics rather than past jobs. If the student has held a job or jobs, they should list them, but the bulk of the resume will describe academic achievements and school-related activities.