College Fairs

  • College fairs are terrific opportunities to collect admissions information on potential schools and help you to narrow down your options for your college search! 

    • Get answers to questions you may have about campus life, application process, etc
    • Discover a school that you may not have considered
    • Narrow down your shortlist
    • Find out about summer programs/opportunities
    • Save money on a campus visit (because you will have a representative there to answer questions)
    • Make yourself stand out.  By attending a college fair and following up with a thank you email, you show that school that you are interested

    Boca High PTSA Annual College & Career Fair

    This is an annual FREE event - sponsored by the Boca High PTSA - is open to Boca High students and families. Speak with reps from universities near and far, as well as technical schools, U.S. military branches, and local public safety agencies. You may also meet vendors who specialize in test prep and other academic services. 

    This event usually occurs in October every year.  Check out the Boca High PTSA for more information.

    Other College Fairs

    There are other local college fairs available.

    • Perform a Google Search for "college fairs near me"
    • Perform a search on  EventBrite for "college fairs".  Remember, these events don't only occur at the beginning of the year. 

    Helpful Questions to Ask Colleges During a College Fair

    Admission counselors attend college fairs to help you with any questions you may have about their school to see if it is the right college fit for you. Here are a few sample questions to help you uncover key information. Remember to ask anything specific to your needs and interests and prioritize your questions in order of importance.

    • What do students like most about your school? What is the biggest complaint from students?
    • What kinds of students are happiest at your school?
    • Where do students hang out on campus? Do students mostly live on or off campus?
    • What financial aid programs does your college offer?
    • What academic programs are the most popular at your college?
    • Do admission officers make decisions solely on numbers and stats, or do extracurricular activities truly matter at your school?
    • How would you describe the academic pressure and workload?
    • How does your career planning department compare to other colleges/universities?
    • What are the faculty like and how accessible are they outside of class?
    • Are there internships available specific to my major?
    • Is there job placement help for graduates?
    • Are you able to give me the names of a few students that I can talk to about their experience at your school?
    • What do students at the university usually do during their free time?
    • Do many students live off campus?
    • Is there a sports complex or fitness center?
    • Is there job placement help for graduates?