College Planning

  • Choosing a College

    Make sure to view the Steps to Choosing a School under the College/University page.

    How to choose your College in 9 simple steps

    1. Answer some basic questions about the type of school you want to go to. 2 year or 4 year? Private or public?
    2. Decide how much money you can spend and how much money it would cost
    3. Research on how good the department of your interest or major is
    4. Apply and see where you get accepted
    5. Visit the campus to see how you like the campus and location
    6. See how the extracurricular departments are that you are interested in
    7. How friendly are the people? Do you feel welcome?
    8. Look into the housing. Is this someplace you would want to live?
    9. Trust your gut instinct. Which school feels right?

    Use the Choosing the Right College checklist to identify the characteristics that matter most to you.  Ask your parents to do the same.  Then compare and discuss your answers.  Search for colleges that match your key criteria and fit you academically, socially, and culturally.

    Choosing a Major

    Check out Step 

    Students should consider their passion, opportunities and potential earnings when choosing a college major.

    Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions a college student can make. Ideally, a college major can open doors into the workforce and help pave the way to a high-paying job and fulfilling career. As major life decisions go, choosing what to study in college isn't to be taken lightly.

    There are many factors you should consider before committing to a major, including the program cost, salary expectations, and employment rates in that field. In addition, you should think about your personality, personal and professional goals, and interests.

    College Cost Calculator

    Use this college cost calculator when you receive financial aid award letters to compare the aid you receive and determine your estimated college costs and balance due at each prospective college. 

    • You may use the calculator to determine the cost of each college you get an acceptance letter from and to help you make the choice for which college to attend.
    • Final costs for your selected college will be determined at the time your bill is issued, typically in June or July.  
    • Use this calculator every year to get an estimate of your annual college costs.