Earn College Credits in High School

  • Getting a Head Start

    Getting a head start on college credits during high school will save you money, impress college admissions departments, and offer you greater degree flexibility. Earning college credits in high school is a great way for students to take initiative, strengthen their chances of admission, explore their interests, or try something new. By gaining credits toward a degree while still in high school, students can graduate faster, spend less money, and position themselves for success.

    There are several ways to earn college credit while still in high school, including:

    • AP Classes
    • AICE Classes
    • CLEP
    • Dual Enrollment
    • Early Enrollment

    What Classes Transfer?

    • College credit policies differ from school to school. 
    • You may quickly access the college credit policies of the State University System (SUS) school by accessing the Boca High Academic Organizer.
      • Remember...you should be actively using the Boca High Academic Organizer to keep track of classes taken/need to take, grades, awards, certifications, accolades, community service, clubs, sports, work, scholarships and other research.
    • Research the transferability of each AP, AICE, CLEP or dual enrollment to the respective SUS college & general ed requirements for graduation.

Class Options

  • Advanced Placement Classes

  • AICE Classes

  • CLEP

  • Dual Enrollment

  • Summer College