AICE Grade Transcript

  • How to Receive College Credits

    If you have taken AICE classes and have passed the exams and want to have the respective college credits applied, you will need to request your AICE Grade Transcript from Cambridge.

    • Go to
    • US students can use their convenient online form to send AS & A Level grade transcripts and/or AICE Diploma notification to US colleges and universities.
    • Institutions will receive your transcript within 14 days of your request or, if you select a future series, within 14 days of results release.
    • You will need the below information to complete the form.
    • You need to send these to your college usually by July or before you begin classes. Please check with your college for deadlines.

    What AICE credits transfer?

    • All public universities and community colleges in Florida award college credit for AICE exams passed. If a university admissions counselor is unfamiliar with AICE, it is suggested you ask to speak to the international admissions counselor.
    • Cambridge Assessment courses are accepted at universities around the world. Find out which colleges accept your class as a college credit here.
    • While not all colleges give credit for AP or AICE classes, you will need to search the individual college credit by AP/AICE credit equivalencies.
    • Refer to the "College Credit Policies (SUS Colleges)" tab in the Boca High Academic Organizer which includes the AP & AICE Transferability Tables and the General Education Requirements (Core Curriculum) for each school.
    • For all other colleges, you will have to research on the respective school's website.

    Bright Futures

    If you have taken AICE classes and have passed the exams, regardless if you earned your AICE Diploma, you should apply for the Bright Futures Scholarship.