AP Score Report

  • How to Receive College Credits

    If you have taken AP classes and want to have the respective college credits applied, you have to request an official AP Score Report from College Board to be sent to the college.

    • Use your free score send by June 20.
      You can send your scores for free to one recipient every year that you take AP Exams. To use your free score send, sign in to My AP, go to My AP Profile, select the Score Send tab and choose the college, university, or scholarship organization that you want to receive your score report.
      Note: If you miss the June 20 deadline, you will have to pay to have the reports sent to your college of choice.
    • You can send scores online anytime for a fee.
      You can order as many score reports as you need online after scores are released. If you’re not able to get online to send your scores, you can send them by mail or fax.
    • Score reports include both this year's and past AP Exam scores.
      Your score report includes all your scores from all the AP Exams you took in the past. Your entire score history will be sent to your designated college, university, or scholarship program unless you choose to withhold or cancel any of your scores.
    • You should check college deadlines.
      If you’re a senior entering college in the fall, check your college’s deadline for getting AP scores. We encourage you to send scores as soon as possible to make sure they’re received in time.
    • You can look up past AP Exam dates.
      You can look up exam dates for the past five years if you need to know when you took an AP Exam.


    • Sign in to My AP
      Sign in to My AP using your College Board account.
    • Select My AP Profile
      Select the link for My AP Profile.
    • Select the Score Send tab
      Click on the tab that says Score Send.
    • Find the college or university you want to receive your scores
      Start typing in the name of your college or university. When it appears on the list, select it and hit Save.

    When will my colleges receive my scores?

    • When you designate a college or university in My AP by the June 20 deadline, your scores should be received by mid to late July.

    What AP Scores transfer and how?

    • Your AP scores could earn you college credit or advanced placement (meaning you could skip certain courses in college).
    • Use College Board's tool to find colleges that offer credit or placement for AP scores.
    • You may search by AP Course or University/College.
    • The report supplies the following information:
      • exam/class name
      • minimum score required to earn credit (if applicable)
      • number of credits earned if minimum score is met
      • equivalent course at college of choice
    • Another method to find out which AP classes transfer, you may refer to the "College Credit Policies (SUS Colleges)" tab in the Boca High Academic Organizer which includes the AP & AICE Transferability Tables and the General Education Requirements (Core Curriculum) for each school.

    You may download the results in a PDF file for your reference.

    Note: Additional restrictions and requirements may apply to the policy listed below. For more detailed information, visit the college's AP policy on the Web or contact the college directly. College Board supplies a link to the specific university's credit policy.