Gap Year

  • In the past few years many students have considered and taken a "gap year" prior to heading off to a college or university.   A gap year is time taken away from school so that one can pursue a purposeful, educational, unique "once in a lifetime" experience that will broaden their horizons and enhance their understanding of our world.  Some examples of a "gap year" may look like this:

    • Understanding the business side of dance by interning (in-person) at a local dance studio, teaching some dance classes, and helping organize dance competitions.
    • Working at a local thrift shop, and doing an online internship with a non-profit in Morocco working on human rights concerns and taking French language lessons.
    • Participating in a Spain-based online program exploring issues of cultural difference through the food we eat.
    • Helping a group of kindergartners socialize, make art and play games after school.
    • Serving as a teaching assistant in a home-based pod of elementary students, helping the children focus on learning during online classes.
    • Exploring the U.S. with structured "gap year" programs, primarily in more remote locations in the western, Rocky Mountain, southwestern and eastern states

    A gap year is not "staying home and working because I do not know what I want to study." Taking a year away from school for this reason can be a very good idea.  When speaking in reference to universities and their perception, a year away from school to work or "figure things out" is not a "gap year."






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