Choice Programs

  • Bak Middle School of the Arts (Bak MSOA) develops the interests and talents of students in the visual, performing, and communication arts. Simultaneously, it is designed to enhance the academic disciplines through an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, stressing creativity and artistic expression. Visiting artists, Artists in Residence and guest speakers regularly interact with and support the professional arts faculty and students in providing a cutting-edge arts program. Performance opportunities are offered at all levels. A student at Bak Middle School of the Arts experiences a balance of incomparable arts and academic instruction and experiences. Additionally, Bak Middle School of the Arts offers a full slate of sports, clubs, and after-school programs. The harmony of the arts and academics, along with the support of the Bak Family, creates an educational masterpiece! Explore our programs below. For more information, please contact Lee Glaze, Bak Magnet Coordinator at or (561) 882-3819.

    Communication Arts

    The Communication Arts curriculum has a variety of courses where students can follow their interests, channel their talents, and develop oral and written communication abilities. Students work in a hands-on environment to create various media projects and gain experience in this dynamic field. Each area enhances students’ critical thinking, leadership, communication, and technology skills.

    Communication Arts features the following areas:

    Creative Writing - focuses on expressive writing in many different forms. Students have the opportunity to explore several different types of poetry and prose styles, as well as responding to literature, art mediums, and quotes.

    Newspaper - builds on the fundamentals of journalistic writing, layout and design, copy editing and photography to produce a print and online newspaper that captures student life at Bak Middle School of the Arts.

    Yearbook - gives students the ability to learn the functions of a yearbook while working in a collaborative, team-based environment. The program teachers layout and design to produce the school’s yearbook.

    Video Production - provides an opportunity for students to explore more advanced elements of video production in a hands-on approach. Students participate in every aspect of video production from writing to editing. Students will learn about the preproduction, production, and post-production processes including script writing, storyboarding, directing, advanced camera and editing techniques.

    Radio Production - gives students the opportunity to use audio and music mixing to create radio shows and audio commercials while learning Audacity. Students work with various microphones and editing equipment as a team to produce segments for WBAK 1500 Star Up Radio.

    BAK MSOA Today - is where students produce a daily school news program to communicate with school administration, faculty, and students through a live broadcast. Bak MSOA Today’s TV News Production course provides students with a variety of real-world learning opportunities through experiences in television news production and studio operations.

    Digital Media - students will learn basic design techniques to edit graphics as well as design and layout skills for printed work. Students use technology resources to gather, process, and communicate information. After the finished product, students have a solid foundation and knowledge of the most popular applications in the digital design market such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Speech and Debate - is designed to further explore a more in depth analysis of public speaking and debating. We build and expand our knowledge of debate events by exploring new events or going into more depth from events covered in the previous course.


    Our mission is to develop technically proficient dancers who are versatile, thoughtful, and inquisitive. Guided by professionals in the field, our dancers train in classical ballet, a variety of modern and jazz styles, and cultural dances. Through daily classes, rehearsals, and performances, our dancers develop creativity, discipline, and perseverance. Students have had residencies with Dancing Legacy, master classes with world renowned artists, and performing works by celebrated choreographers such as Robert Battle, Jose Limon, just to name a few. These opportunities enhance the students’ growth in arts and academics. Every dancer performs in our annual dance concert. Eighth grade dancers have the opportunity to attend the Young Dancers Workshop sponsored by Santa Fe College in Gainesville Florida where they get to train and perform with dance professionals from around the state and country. Dance Majors learn about injury prevention and care from Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital dance physical therapists.

    Music - Band

    Our mission at Bak MSOA is to provide students with skills and experiences to succeed in music at the highest level in our school and beyond. In our program, students experience life skills that will contribute to their personal growth as a human being. We provide opportunities that develop confident self-regulation, critical thinking skills, communication skills, leadership skills, cultural and historical knowledge, and most importantly a means of creative expression through performance. Each year, our band program performs in four school concerts, Florida Bandmasters Association concert assessment, Florida All State Band, Palm Beach All County Band, Florida Bandmasters Association Jazz assessment, Florida Bandmasters Association Solo and Ensemble Festival, and Community performances. At Bak MSOA we are fortunate that our students are exposed to highly specified instruction as they participate in weekly sectionals and master classes one on one with professionals who are experts at their instrument. In addition to exposure to wonderful experiences in the classroom, we further enrich those experiences through travel and competition. Each year, our advanced ensembles travel to compete against other programs throughout the nation. Some of those experiences include travel to New York City, Chicago, California, Boston, Orlando, and Tampa. Bak MSOA band regularly places on top at each competition!

    Music - Keyboard/Piano

    Internationally recognized, the Piano Department at Bak MSOA offers extensive study in the Classical Music Repertoire. The Piano Curriculum includes solfege, sight-reading, ear training, music theory, music history, and master classes. Bak students and student ensembles perform piano solos, duets,
    and chamber music in the local community, at State Conferences such as MTNA, CMS and FMEA, and throughout the country in such places as Steinway and Merkin Hall in New York City.

    Music - Orchestral Strings

    Internationally recognized, the String Department at Bak MSOA offers extensive study in the classical music repertoire. Three levels of orchestras are offered, in addition to a Symphony Orchestra and a Chamber Ensemble class for eighth grade string majors. The Eighth Grade Chamber Ensemble has been invited to perform numerous times on the grand staircase of the Kravis Center Lobby. This group was invited to perform on stage with Black Violin. This class performs as a group without a conductor at our String Department Concerts, which are held throughout the year. In addition, they get to experience playing in string trios and quartets as well as piano trios and piano quartets. Each November, this class performs in a chamber recital with the Piano Department.

    We have four String Consultants that come on a weekly basis to help coach chamber groups and lead sectionals for our string orchestras and symphony orchestra.

    All 7th grade string majors take a yearly course in music theory where they learn about key signatures, triads, minor scales, music history, transposition, ear training and basic composition. This course gives each student a better understanding of music and the necessary skills needed to grow.

    The Bak MSOA orchestras have earned consecutive superior ratings for the last 25 years at our District Music Performance Assessments as well as accolades from adjudicators from around the country including the Royal Academy of Music in London. The Advanced String Orchestra has been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall, Chicago Symphony Hall and Boston Symphony Hall twice through WorldStrides. The Advanced String Orchestra was invited to perform for the Florida Music Educator Association’s President Concert in Tampa, Florida. The Advanced String Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra have won numerous awards at other WorldStride performances around the country.

    Music - Vocal

    The Vocal program works on developing a proper vocal technique and basic understanding of the voice. Students will also learn music literacy and essential ensemble skills. The different choirs offered cover a wide variety of genres/styles of music. Classes like music theory cover fundamental musical knowledge to transfer into the music learning process. Private voice lessons are offered to 7th and 8th graders which gives the students individualized attention on vocal technique and performance. Singing in chorus will also give the students an outlet to express themselves, an opportunity to collaborate with others, and discipline to work through challenging moments together as a team.

    The choirs at Bak have had a long-standing tradition of excellence at many national and state competitions. They consistently receive Superiors and high ratings at district assessments.

    They have traveled and performed in prestigious music halls around the country such as Carnegie Hall in New York City, Orchestra Hall in Chicago, and Kennedy Center of Performing Arts in Washington DC. The Choral Department performed and won first place in their categories at the WorldStrides Heritage Festival in Anaheim, California. Bak Middle School of the Arts was the only middle school chorus invited to perform at the Southern Division ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) conference in Louisville, Kentucky.


    The Theatre program is committed to providing a dynamic and inclusive learning environment where students explore the realms of acting, musical theatre, and production. Theatre is a collaborative art form, and we emphasize the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Through ensemble work, students learn to communicate effectively, solve problems creatively, and develop strong interpersonal skills. Our curriculum offers a comprehensive approach that includes acting, singing, and dancing, fostering well-rounded performers who are adept in multiple facets of theatre and musical theatre. To ensure our students are well prepared for the industry, we provide access to top-tier, professional-level equipment and technology for all aspects of production.
    From sound and lighting to costumes and set design, we expose our students to the tools and techniques used in the professional theatre world. We are dedicated to fostering a nurturing and vibrant artistic community. Our commitment to artistic excellence, professional equipment, and a comprehensive approach to theatre and musical theatre education ensures that our students are well equipped to shine on both the stage and in the world beyond. Join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery, creativity, and artistic achievement.

    Visual Arts

    The Visual Arts Department’s mission is to nourish, educate, and encourage young emerging artists. Visual lessons provide foundational skills and process techniques with a focus on design elements and principles through practical application. Structured coursework enhances the individual’s natural abilities while allowing for creative growth and personal vision. Students will be introduced to a variety of art mediums and materials and will be encouraged to challenge themselves through meaningful learning pursuits where they develop lifelong positive artistic habits such as keeping a sketchbook and documenting thoughts and creative ideas.

    Bak Visual Arts program is more than still life drawing–we are so much more. Our courses offer students experience in a photographic studio featuring a classic wet lab/darkroom, access to cutting edge digital editing software, hands-on ceramic experience including handbuilding and wheel throwing, a printmaking studio, and painting classes at beginning and advanced levels. We even offer a studio animation class featuring Toon Boom, an industry standard software.

    We have had guest artists visit our students, including DC icon George Perez, a legend in his own field. Emmy award winning, internationally commissioned painter and sculptor, John T. Riddle, Jr., internationally recognized glass artist Dale Chihuly. We have also had art specific field trips to Disney World and met emerging artists and famous artists such as Robert Wyland, a conservationist best known for his Whaling Walls series. These experiences help to enhance the experience of our students as they continue to develop their own skills by keeping them engaged and allowing them to explore a variety of art forms and expressions.