School-Based Resources

  • Schools have highly trained and skilled professionals in place to support student mental health.

    School-based behavioral and mental health support leverages the unique skill sets of professionals (e.g. school counselors, school psychologists, school behavioral health professionals, co-located mental health clinicians) so that a wide range of services are provided to meet student needs.

    School-based behavioral and mental health support is flexible, responsive and free.

    • School Behavioral Health Professionals plan and conduct behavioral and mental health interventions that facilitate personal, social, emotional and academic growth of students.
    • Co-located Mental Health Clinicians provide individual counseling to students, with parental consent, at no cost to families.
    • School Psychologists provide a broad range of comprehensive and integrated services to help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.
    • CAPE Support Services are both flexible and proactive in supporting students experiencing chronic and/or complex mental health challenges on a school campus.
    • School Counselors implement comprehensive programs that support student attendance, achievement, behavior, resiliency/life skills development, and college-career readiness.

    Any parent with concerns about the social, emotional or behavioral well-being of their child should contact their child’s school.