IB Career-Related Programme (11-12)

  • IB Career-related Programme

    IB Career-Related Programme (CP) for High School Students
    The IB CP is a framework of international education that incorporates the values of the IB into a unique programme addressing the needs of students engaged in career-related education. The programme leads to further/higher education, apprenticeships or employment.

  • The IB Career-related Programme consists of:
    1) Courses from the IB's Diploma Programme (DP)
    2) The CP core
    3) Career-related studies

    The CP core consists of four interrelated components:
    1) Personal and Professional Skills
    2) Service Learning
    3) Reflective Project
    4) Language Development

    The IBCP enables students to:
    • Follow their chosen education and career pathways in life
    • Combine academic subjects with their personal and professional interests and skills
    • Engage in learning that makes a positive difference to their community
    • Think critically and creatively
    • Communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of situations
    • Work independently and in collaboration with others
    • Consider new perspectives and other points of view
    • Develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness
    • Demonstrate high levels of resilience and flexibility
    • Be internationally-minded and globally aware
    • Apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and situations.
    High Schools Offering the IB Career-related Programme:
    Atlantic Community High
    (Coordinator: Natalie DeFeliz) Course Sequence

    Forest Hill Community High
    (Coordinator: Ayako Hasegawa)

    Suncoast High
    (Coordinator: Anneliese Winchester)