Behavioral and Mental Health

  • Mary Claire Mucenic, Ph.D. NCSP, Director
    Phone: (561) 982-0920
    1790 NW Spanish River Boulevard
    Boca Raton, FL 33431

    Purpose and Functions

    Mental health and school success are closely linked with untreated mental health challenges and experiences during the Pandemic creating barriers to academic, social/emotional, and career success. While 17% of youth aged 6-17 years experience a mental health disorder, the additional challenges created by the COVID-19 Pandemic have had a real impact on schools, students, and families. Schools provide improved access to students and families and are an ideal place for the promotion of mental health and mental health intervention for students who need it.

    Guided by Legislation and supported by Strong Schools...Strong Communities referendum, the Department of Behavioral and Mental Health expands access to mental health support and increases awareness of mental health through 3 key messages.

    1. Mental health is our ability to live fully, engage with others, and respond to challenges.

    • How we relate to others (social)
    • How we feel (emotional)
    • How we act (behavioral)

    2. It’s OK to be OK. It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to ask for help.

    • This positive approach promotes good mental health for all students.
    • When a student is experiencing a challenge, they are reminded that it is OK to ask for help.

    3. Schools have highly trained and skilled professionals in place to support student mental health.

    • School Behavioral Health Professionals
    • School Counselors
    • School Psychologists
    • Co-located Mental Health Professionals

    It's OK to be OK. Mental Health. Schools Based Support.