CARES - Centralized Complaint Assessment & Referral Evaluation System

  • CARES; See something, say somethingConfidential Hotline - Available 24 hours a day!
    To report waste, fraud, corruption, abuse, or misconduct, please call CARES, (855) 561-1010, or click here to submit online.
    The Office of Inspector General is an independent office established by the School Board pursuant to Policy 1.092

Ways to File a Complaint

  • As directed by School Board Policy 1.092.5.d and the authority of the School District Superintendent, CARES provides a centralized, uniform clearinghouse for the receipt, assessment, referral, and tracking of misconduct complaints received by the SDPBC.

    There are three (3) ways to file a complaint available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

    Go to Ethical Advocate's website,, and create an account to submit a complaint. Ethical Advocate is completely independent of the School District.

    Send an email to

    Call Toll-Free (855) 561-1010. For questions, call (561) 434-7342.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a complaint about the bus schedule and late pick-ups. Should I call CARES?

  • My performance evaluation was low. Can I file a complaint via CARES?

  • Can I make an anonymous report?

  • What should be reported?