Community Service

  • Community Service Hours

    • In order to receive your community service, you must turn it in!
    • Provide a letter from the organization, on their letterhead, with your community service dates, hours, and description of service. Turn the letter into Student Services OR email the letter from the organization to Ms. Fran Campagna. Make sure to include your name and student ID number.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to both turn in and keep track of their hours.
    • Don't forget to keep track of your community service hours - you may use the Boca High Academic Organizer or create your own record.

    How to find community service opportunities:

    • Check the community service board (next to Student Services and across from the restrooms)
    • Join a club
    • Aska teacher or coach
    • Volunteer at various non-profit locations
    • Join PTSA (you receive 1 community service hour for every meeting you attend)