The Paw Print

  • The Paw Print, Boca High’s newsmagazine, was established as a newspaper with the school’s creation in 1963 and has been the leading source of long form journalism ever since. Formerly known as “The Predator,” the paper has evolved into one of the finest student publications in Palm Beach County as awarded by the Palm Beach Post’s annual Excellence in High School Journalism awards banquet in 2014, where The Paw Print won an honorable mention in overall excellence.

    The magazine is powered by the best of the Bobcats from every walk of life, from athletes to drama students and club presidents. The Paw Print brings the cumulative minds together to create in-depth features of everything Boca High and news from around the community and the stories that affect us all.

    The Paw Print believes in print journalism while also adding a unique presence online and on social media.  The Paw Print’s interaction through new mediums, including Twitter and Instagram, allow for a greater reach to more students and members of the community.

    If you would like to join the class, please e-mail your administrator, or e-mail Ms. Dominguez will any questions.