College and Career Center

  • Welcome to the College & Career Information Page!

    It is our intention that this page have useful information to help you plan for "life after high school." It is never too early to get started. We will continue to provide updates as often as we can with the most updated information available. As you know, things may change quickly, so check back often.

    Boca Raton High School College and Career Center aims to help students, parents, and campus community members successfully understand and navigate the post-secondary exploration process. The primary goal is to help students determine an appropriate path beyond graduation.

    The College and Career Center will provide guidance, education, and tools to support both the District's and Boca Raton High School's goals and outcomes for graduates. The College and Career Advisor will work with academic counseling, teachers, staff and administration at Boca High to provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach to helping students beyond high school graduation and to make this process as smooth and as meaningful as possible. The post-secondary exploration process begins with the academic and social inspection of ninth and tenth grades; the most carefully supported preparations occur during junior and senior years.

    Contact Information

    Ms. Fran: Assistant
    (561) 362-4572
    Room 2-102

    Ms. Marcus: Alpha A-K
    (561) 416-1658
    Room 2-103

    Ms. Weiss: Alpha L-Z & Top 10%
    (561) 338-1547
    Room 2-105