Programs of Study

  • What are  of Study?
    A Program of Study (POS) is a sequenced listing of academic and CTE courses that connect student’s high school and postsecondary educational experiences. By combining rigorous academics with career and technical education, students have a clear path to their future and are able to meet graduation requirements, earn college credits, and industry certifications as well as valuable knowledge making them college and career ready before they leave high school. Palm Beach County Schools has a program of study for every CTE program offered to assist students and parents in planning a course of study that will lead to a successful career.

    How do you decide which Career Path best fits you?

    • Start by thinking and learning more about yourself and identifying your areas of interests, strengths, talents, and expectations.
    • Visit to access free assessments you can take to learn more about yourself.
    • Explore Career Fields based on your results, consider possible occupations listed for the career paths as they relate to your interests and strengths.
    • Make an appointment with your counselor or the career academy coordinator at your school to learn more about the career pathways offered at your school or how to apply for a choice program at a different school.
    • Select courses that are related to your Career Path and learn about advanced career preparation options.
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