Javatis Midget

  • Javatis MidgetMeet Javatis Midget, a 1998 graduate District Fire Chief of the Glades. He is responsible for the entire Glades region including Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay. I have 3 shifts that report to me. “A”. “B”. & “C” shift. He has over 100 employees he’s responsible for which includes 3 Battalion Chiefs, 3 EMS Captains, and 18 Captains. His district runs over 300 calls a month ranging from Fires, Car accidents, sick people, etc. He is also responsible for maintaining good working relationships with city & school officials.  grew up in Okeechobee Center & 38 B Davis Street. He says he was a decent student who had no clue he would be a Firefighter. Growing up in the Glades taught him that his work ethic would determine his success. While attending Glades Central he learned that our perceived disadvantage is usually our greatest advantage. His message to current students is “Don’t take shortcuts. While it may seem like the best idea for the moment, shortcuts typically mean setbacks. And remember, without the struggle, there can be no progress. Embrace adversity.....”
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