Monica Williams

  • Monica WilliamsMeet Monica Williams, a 1991 graduate & Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst with  Healthcare. Responsible for 65 Non-Clinical Agents, she promotes a positive work environment with highly engaged employees. Each day, she coaches them, thereby ensuring they are following company procedures & provides feedback on QA performance issues. Monica works with management to discuss audit findings & identify training needs. Monica has been recognized as the Employee of the Month (3 Times), Star Awards Recipient & Who’s Who Among eviCore employees! Monica grew up on SW 10th Avenue in South Bay. She became pregnant during her senior year; however, she didn’t allow that experience to stop her from achieving her goals. Growing up in the Glades taught her to never put limitations on who or what she could become. If she wanted respect, she had to earn it first. One of the best lessons she learned was from Mr. Willie C. Pyfrom. He said, ‘’You are designed for accomplishments, engineered for success & endowed with the seeds of greatness.” She never forgot this & often reflects on those words to overcome any obstacles that may be in her way. Glades Central taught her the importance of planning & setting goals. She knew her life revolved around preparing for her future & not wasting a single second. These lessons helped her transition into the real world. Monica’s advice to current students is “always believe in YOU. When you are true to yourself & your ability to be great, nothing but success awaits you on the other side. Wake up each day with the desire to give more than 100%. Set your expectations high & always soar higher than an eagle.” Monica Williams is Building her Brand in Customer Service & she is a Raider Who Represents.