New Teacher Support

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    The Educator Support Program (ESP) is the School District of Palm Beach County’s official induction, onboarding, and support program for newly hired and emerging educators. It is an exploration of instructional best practices that are universal across contents, grades, and all facets of education. ESP is not specific to a particular content, grade, or job title. 

    Supports Available

    • ESP PLC & Mentor/Buddy
    • Principal – Chief Supporter and Instructional Leader on your campus.
    • ESP Contact (Administrator or Lead Teacher) – ESP organizer on your campus.
    • Mentor or Buddy – Personal ESP adviser on your campus.
    • Voluntary Lead Mentor (VLM) – ESP organizer for mentors/buddies on your campus.
    • Marzano Liaison – member of your school’s PD team that provides Palm Beach Model of Instruction training and support.
    • District Professional Development Specialists – ESP Regional organizers.

    ESP Cohorts

    • Foundations - Those on a temporary certificate.
    • Accelerated - Those on a professional certificate with less than 3 complete years of teaching experience (excludes time spent as an intern or substitute) or referred by a supervisor.

    For additional information, please contact the Department of Professional Development at