School Behavioral Health Professionals

  • A School Behavioral Health Professional at each school provides mental wellness awareness education, interventions, and supports to students, families, and school staff. Their work focuses on a continuum of services – Core, Supplemental and Intensive. It is recommended that the majority of their work is dedicated to Core/Universal activities to support mental wellness so that the largest number of students can benefit.

    The SBHP collaborates with members of the School Based Team, Mental Health Team, and other school teams so that their work enhances the Core, Supplemental, and Intensive mental health interventions provided in the school.

    The Education, Prevention, Intervention and Consultation (EPIC) Team, in the Department of Behavioral and Mental Health, supports the SBHPs by providing onboarding, coaching, consultation and professional development for them. You may contact the EPIC Team members as follows:

    Potential SBHP applicant information must be included in the pool of pre-approved applicants in Human Resources before they can be hired. If principals or hiring managers wish to interview applicants who are not listed in the pool, they will need to submit the applicants' resumes to Nancy Reese for eligibility review. If applicants are eligible for the position, their information will be added to the pool and principals/hiring managers may then proceed with the hiring process.

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