Co-located Mental Health Clinicians

  • School-based mental health care through the placement of agency employed, Co-located Clinicians in schools expands student access to mental health services. In place at 114 schools, Co-located Clinicians provide 12 individual counseling sessions to students with parental consent.

    It’s OK to Ask for Help. Co-located Mental Health Clinicians Can Help.

    Students may be able to receive school-based mental health care by a credentialed mental health professional.  

    • 12 individual counseling sessions
    • On the school campus, during the school day
    • No cost to families and a diagnosis is not required
    • Parent/guardian permission is required

    Having a mental health professional co-located on the school campus can help students to build resiliency by improving their social (how they relate to others), emotional (how they feel) and behavioral (how they act) well-being.

    Who do I ask?

    Co-located Mental Health Professionals are in 100 schools. Call your child’s school and ask for help by talking to a:

    • Classroom Teacher,
    • School Behavioral Health Professional,
    • School Counselor,
    • School Psychologist, or
    • Administrator.

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