Wellness Promotion Task Force (WPTF)

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    Wellness Promotion Task Force Purpose: To create an educational forum that allows students, staff, parents, community partners, and members of the public to successfully collaborate in the promotion of healthier lives. With the District’s ultimate goal of improving student performance, the direction of the Wellness Promotion Task Force is to encourage a proactive approach to holistically address the health, wellness, and safety of all school children and staff.
    The District established a Wellness Promotion Task Force that meets as needed per year to share progress of overall health and wellness initiatives throughout the District and Community, and we welcome all who wish to attend. These meetings are typically held at the Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center (FHESC) in the Main Board Room.
    If you would like to be on the WPTF distribution list and are interested in attending any of our District's Wellness Promotion Task Force Meetings – please send us a request to the following email: wellness@palmbeachschools.org.

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