Upgrading from Temporary to Professional Vocational Certificate

  • To be eligible for a five-year SDPBC-issued Professional Vocational Teaching Certificate, the ACTIVE CTE program participant must complete seven (7) development courses through FACTE and/or its equivalent via college coursework. A combination of FACTE and college courses is acceptable to meet the requirement.

    It is the teacher’s responsibility to register for the courses and report completion to their CTE Specialist. The program can be completed in one year. However, you may have up to three (3) years to complete all of your required education courses.

    The teacher must complete the Temp to Pro application. Once the requirements are met, the application is complete, and the fee is paid, the package must be submitted to the CTE Specialist working with the candidate.

    The CTE Specialist approves the documentation and sends the package to the Certification Department for certificate issuance.