Professional Vocational Certificate Renewal

  • Renewal Period

    The Certificate is valid for five (5) years. Application for renewal must be submitted prior to the expiration date or by June 10th of the renewal year.

    Inservice points (ISP) can be earned via:

    • SDPBC eLearning system - Earn Inservice points via courses in eLearning, monitor the points you have earned, or print a copy of your ISP. (How to Print ISP from eLearning)
    • Beacon Educator - An online school for ISP, a faster and more affordable option than college courses. (Beacon Flyer)
    • College courses - Each credit worth 20 ISP and must earn a “C” or higher.
    • Teaching - Teaching a college level course (during your certificate validity) at an acceptable institution may be accepted the same as credit earned for that course. Verification must be submitted on college letterhead, signed by the registrar or dean and must include: Course name, prefix/number, semester hours earned and dates taught.

    How to apply to renew your certificate:

    1. Complete the District Renewal/Add-on Payment Verification form.
    2. Submit your payment to School Cash Online (Instructions).
    3. Submit documents below to
      A) Completed Renewal/Add-on form
      B) School-Cash-Online receipt
      C) Proof of inservice points (ISP), i.e., District eLearning, Beacon transcript, etc.