ESOL Compliance

  • In response to the Consent Decree of 1990 and subsequent modifications to the Consent Decree in 2003, the School District of Palm Beach County has established specific training requirements for teachers and staff that work with English Language Learners (ELLs). The training required varies based on the category of employee as outlined below.

ESOL Categories

  • Category 1

  • Category 2

  • Category 3

  • Category 4

  • The District offers all 5 Category 1 ESOL courses and the Category 3 course free of charge to all active employees that are required to complete the training. These courses are offered 2 times per year (in June, and October) and registration opens in eLearning the month before the course starts. The titles of the courses are listed below:

    • ESOL: Methods of Teaching (also recommended for Category 2)
    • ESOL: Applied Linguistics
    • ESOL: Curriculum and Materials
    • ESOL: Testing and Evaluation
    • ESOL: Cross Cultural Communication (also recommended for Category 4)
    • Enriching Elective Classes for ELLs (Category 3)

    For additional information or questions, please contact Pablo Rivabella at (561) 434-8055.