Athletic Coaching

  • New Coaching Certificates

    Application for an Athletic Coaching Certificate can only be made if an official offer has been extended to coach at a school. Once the offer has been extended, the steps below must be completed. Coaches should not be coaching until they have completed the entire hiring process.

    Initial 3-year certificate:

    • Receive Coaching Job Offer from School
    • Complete District Fingerprint/Background Check
    • Apply to the FLDOE for the Athletic Coaching Certificate and pay $75.00 fee
    • Obtain CPR card
    • Contact athletic director for any additional information

    Expired Coaching Certificates

    Coaches who have allowed their previous Athletic Coaching certificates to expire will need to get recertified and rehired. At the time of rehire, you will need to get current fingerprints done (at cost) and a background check will be conducted.

    • 3-year expired certificate: You will have to meet the requirements for a 5-year certificate to be eligible for a coaching certificate.
    • 5-year expired certificate: You will need to reapply for the coaching certification.

    CPR/AED/First Aid Required Training

    All Athletic Coaches must complete CPR/AED/First Aid training prior to coaching. Renewed training is ONLY due every other year. Trainings will be good for TWO YEARS from training date (instead of just one).