Band Camp Survival Guide

  • Everything You Need To Know

    Items to wear:

    • Caps & Hats
    • Sunglasses
    • Gym Shorts
    • Sneakers with Socks
    • White colored tee-shirts (you may want an extra one just in case)

    What not to bring/wear:

    • No gum
    • No soda
    • Nothing valuable
    • Nothing denim
    • No Heavy Dairy Items: Milk
    • No Expensive, Lovely, Beautiful Jewelry or other valuables
    • No Flip Flops: We are not at the Beach
    • No Dark Colors: You are out in the sun. You need to stay cool!

    What to bring:

    • Notarized health form in case of emergency (picked up your first day of camp – we will have notaries here to notarize as well)
    • Water, water, water, water: purchase at least a 2 quart water cooler with handle
    • Lots of Sunscreen & Bug Repellant
    • Woodwind & Brass Players: Lip Balm for when you are not playing
    • Percussion: earplugs recommended
    • 100 index cards (3x5) – Spiral Bound with string
    • One inch binder with approximately 30 sheet protectors
    • Meals & Snacks: Healthy stuff that is easily digestible (no dairy)
    • Students are not allowed off campus for dinner. Students must bring dinner with them or have it dropped off at the appropriate time.
    • A great attitude, an open mind, and a smiling face!

    What to do prior to camp:

    • Go to bed early for a good night’s rest
    • Shower and/or bathe
    • Have a good high protein/carb breakfast


    There is no pre-registration for band camp. Please arrive a few minutes early to the first camp as there will be medical forms and general information forms that parents will need to fill out. The summer band camp is designed for Marching Band members as there will be marching elements; however, all band students are welcome.


    The camp fee is $150 for each camp. If you are not able to attend one of the camps, the full $750 payment must still be met. This fee covers all of the expenses for the marching band season.

    The Marching Band expenses include: sectional instruction (provided by outside professionals), custom show design, music, props, uniform maintenance, overnight trip/hotel, transportation to all competitions including State competition in Ocala, entrance fees, band camp costs, guard equipment and uniforms, equipment maintenance/transportation. Excludes uniform shirt, shoes, and gloves/body tights for color guard.

    If you are not able to attend one of the camps (or one of the days) and plan on participating in Marching Band, please email the director to let us know so we can plan ahead: