Carver Middle School Community Event Encourages Corporate Generosity, Promotes Student Success

  • Caver Middles School Community Partners holding check for the school.

    Carver Middle School held its first Community and Partners Meeting on September 1 with local businesses and community organizations. The event included virtual and in-person participation, with Carver Middle staff highlighting the exciting things happening at the campus and discussing key initiatives.

    Businesses and community organizations were encouraged to invest resources that enable students to succeed.

    “I’m committed to developing strategic alliances with the business community to help strengthen the learning environment and promote academic achievement for students that attend Carver Middle School,” said Dr. Shannon Grice, the school’s Principal.

    The event was a major success and inspired Delray Chamber Education Fund along with other community businesses to make financial contributions to benefit projects at the school. To learn more, contact Dr. Grice at (561) 638-2100 or